Tina Jett

Visual storytelling. Creative living.


In addition to art, I also create (hopefully) funny things at Sacramento Comedy Spot, a non-profit performing arts theater and school in Sacramento, California that specializes in improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy.



Secret Handshake Society is a monthly live, main-stage sketch comedy show, similar to Saturday Night Live, Key and Peele, and The Whitest Kids U Know. It is smart and fast-paced, and each show is different! Secret Handshake Society is written and performed by members of our Sacramento Comedy Spot sketch community.


The Potato Bureau

The Potato Bureau was a musically-inspired improv podcast, recorded live at Sacramento Comedy Spot. Every show featured a local musician or group performing on stage for the audience. They gave the Bureau a few songs and stories, and the Bureau used those nuggets of inspiration to take you on a (sometimes crazy) audible journey. Listen to The Potato Bureau episodes on SoundCloud!


Top 10 List Podcast

The Top 10 List Podcast was recorded live at Sacramento Comedy Spot. In each episode, a panel of three comedians competed to get as many of their individual picks, from a list they prepared before the show, on a final top 10 list. Episode topics ranged from "People who Changed the World" to "Most Doable Hollywood Actors". I was a guest on episodes #106 and #116. You can listen to the entire podcast series on iTunes.