Tina Jett

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Adventure Scouts

A photo-based, social project for adults. Inspired by traditional children's scouting groups, a playful mind, and a penchant for lifelong education, the goal of Adventure Scouts was to encourage participants to explore life more, have fun more, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way. I created 84 virtual badges to earn by completing required tasks and submitting a photo of the experience for credit. 

Badges examples are Art, Collections, Fishing, Nature, Snail Mail, and Theatre. Task descriptions included taking a photo of a bird and telling a fact about the species, sharing favorite holiday traditions, and creating a piece of pottery. Participants received an electronic guide book, providing all they needed to get started right away. Also available for purchase was the handy-dandy, recycled paper pocket guide, allowing Scouts to track progress on the go. Badge photos were shared on the blog as they were earned and tracked on a password-protected chart. Submission was possible via email, or through social media and the use of hashtags. A Facebook group page was available for connecting with other participants.