Tina Jett

Visual storytelling. Creative living.


I'm a self-taught artist in Sacramento, California, born and bred in Cleveland with a little Southern sandwich in between. A good chunk of my inspiration comes from mid-century design and illustration, cinema, old Rankin/Bass TV specials, vintage ads and ephemera, general nostalgia, nature, travel, and random trivia. Having the fascination of a six-year-old mind probably helps, too. I have been described with the phrase, "It's like she lives in a coloring book." No argument, here.

In addition to exploring the creative arts, I perform sketch and improv at Sacramento Comedy Spot. I've got mad organizational skills, a penchant for planning events, and a love of DIY. My pastimes include indulging in large quantities of good food, humor, and sarcasm, taking air and road trips, researching random topics online, and smuggling Sno-Caps into movies.

I had this idea that it didn’t matter whether an artist was called an artist, or a designer, or an illustrator, or whatever else it was. The core value was always the act of making things, and the transformation of an idea that you hold in your mind that becomes real or material. That, to me, still is the glory of any creative activity.
— Milton Glaser


Are you a nice person with a fun/cool/do-good project, event, or idea and want to talk about collaboration? Want to just say hello? Get in touch via email or the form below.

If I don't hear from you, I may start to collect cats and go to the grocery store in my bathrobe. Don't put that burden on your shoulders.

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